Uzbekistan set to move to innovative model of development

World experience shows that continuous practical innovation provides a qualitative improvement in all areas, it has become a driving force for social and economic development.

Those countries, which have implemented the innovative model of development and «smart» technologies are considered as most successful and sustainable today. A steady progress of such countries, their competitiveness on the world market is not based on the export of natural resources and physical labor, but on innovative ideas and developments.

In these countries the implementation of the state strategy for the implementation of innovative ideas, developments and technologies is carried out by special departments, conventionally referred to as "ministries of the future."

The main goal of agencies responsible for innovative development is to increase the economic growth, the country's competitiveness in world markets, to raise the intellectual contribution to the economy due to the wide introduction of innovations and scientific achievements.

The Action Strategy of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 contains specific goals to radically improve the wellbeing, the quality of life, comprehensive and rapid development of society and the state, the country's modernization and liberalization of all spheres of life.

In other words, we have to turn Uzbekistan into a rapidly developing country with a stable market economy.

The achievement of goals demands the transition to an innovative model of development, which necessitates the establishment of an effective system of state support of innovation activities and promoting practical implementation of innovative ideas, developments and technologies in the public administration, the priority sectors of the economy and social sphere.

However, despite the presence of rich intellectual and infrastructural capacity in the country, the work on implementation of innovations is not established on a systematic basis.

In order to solve the existing problems, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev adopted a Decree "On establishment of the Ministry of innovative development of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

The Decree defines the main directions of innovative development of the country, including the establishment of a system for strategic planning, implementation of innovative forms of public administration, the formation of a modern infrastructure for the development of science and innovation, attracting investments, improving the legal framework, supporting and encouraging the research and innovation, the active introduction of advanced technologies in relevant areas of social and economic life.

The decree established the Ministry of innovative development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the main directions of its activity in the sphere of state and social construction, economics, agriculture, social development, the introduction of advanced technologies as well as environmental protection and natural resource management.

Accordingly, the Ministry of innovative development is determined as the body responsible for carrying out the unified state policy in the sphere of innovative and technological development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Ministry will perform as the sole customer of state scientific and technical programs and projects, coordinate the work of state administration bodies, scientific research, information-analytical agencies and other organizations on implementing innovative ideas, developments and technologies.

The establishment of the Ministry of innovative development is intended to ensure the implementation of unified state policy in the field of innovative and scientific-technical development. The new institution will ensure the mobilization of existing resources and funds to implement innovative ideas, products and technologies.

In the end, innovative model of development of Uzbekistan should become the engine of economic growth, a factor of stability and well-being of our population.

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