Uzbekistan's exports soars by 15.7% in January-July

The volume of Uzbekistan's exports in January-July 2018 amounted to $7.6 billion (growth rate - 15.7%). The share of goods in exports reached 77.8%, including energy and oil products-19.2%, food products-8.7%, chemical products and products from it - 6.9%.

The volume of services in exports amounted to $1693.4 million or 22.2% of the total exports. This figure increased by 20.3% compared to the same period last year. Transport and tourism services, as well as telecommunications, information, computer and financial services are the major players in the export of services.

China and Russia have the largest share in the export of goods and services of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The share of these countries in total exports stays at 34.9%.

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