ASIA ALLIANCE BANK offers more favorable exchange rate

Large-scale reforms on development and liberalization of the economy are underway in our country. Meantime, commercial banks act as the locomotive of changes, as they contribute to the restructuring of the economy of Uzbekistan. It is worth to note the role of JSCB ASIA ALLIANCE BANK in this process. One of the goals of the Bank is to create a favorable investment climate and business environment in the country.

Pursuant to Presidential Decree "On priority measures to liberalize the foreign exchange policy", each branch of the Bank provide currency exchange services. In order to increase customer loyalty, improve competitive advantage and maintain the interest of customers, more attractive rates of foreign currencies to the national currency were established starting 28 September.

"In my opinion – the country is carrying out a very good policy! I am very glad that people have the opportunity to exchange currency at exchange offices at any time. I like ASIA ALLIANCE BANK`s approach to clients, excellent conditions, no need to wait for your turn. And when I found out that the Bank offers a better rate, I decided to come here," says a client of the Bank Artem Mironov.

In addition to the established list of currencies, from now on the Bank also sells the Russian ruble.

Major currency-exchange offices are located in densely populated residential areas and commercial zones, which of course is another convenience.

Another worth to note fact, individual entrepreneurs are allowed to purchase foreign currency to their conversion card, while there is no need to organize a legal entity.  

The main goal of ASIA ALLIANCE Bank is to provide quality services, to introduce new banking products and attentive attitude to customers.


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