IC Alskom issues 1.2 million additional ordinary shares

The Supervisory Board of JSC ALSKOM Insurance Company notifies the shareholders that on May 25, 2018, the Center for Coordination and Development registered a resolution on issue of additional ordinary registered uncertificated shares. The registered number is No. P0170-14. The total number of shares constitutes 1.2 million pieces. The nominal value of each ordinary share accounts for 1380 UZS.  

In accordance with the Charter and the Decision on the issue, the shareholders of IC ALSKOM JSC - owners of ordinary (voting) shares have the pre-emptive right to purchase ordinary (voting) shares from this issue in proportion to the number of common shares they hold.

The term of the preemptive right is 14 days, from the date of publication of this notice.

In accordance with the decision of the Supervisory Board of JSC IC Alskom dated May 28, 2018, the price for the placement of shares was determined in the amount of 1400 UZS per share.

A shareholder with a pre-emptive right is entitled to fully or partially exercise his pre-emptive right by sending an application to JSC IC Alskom on the acquisition of shares containing the name and place of residence (location) of the shareholder, the number of shares to be acquired, and document about payment. Such an application must be filed by JSC IC ALSKOM during the term of the preemptive right.

A concession of the preemptive right is not allowed.

After the end of the preemptive period, shares are placed through open subscription among an unlimited number of investors.

Further details are available at:

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