Work starts on 3 metre high bulletproof wall round Eiffel Tower

Building work was underway on Thursday (June 14) to erect a 3 metre high security wall around the Eiffel Tower as Paris seeks to reassure visitors after high-profile attacks in recent years.

    On two sides the perimeter will include a bulletproof glass wall 6.5 centimetres thick -- transparent so as not to spoil the view from either side of the River Seine -- with metal railings closing off the gardens below on the other two sides.

    There will also be bollards positioned on the main roads surrounding the Eiffel Tower to protect against potential truck attacks.

    The 324 metre high Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid-for monument in the world, attracting 7 million tourists a year, 75 percent of whom come from abroad and in the past it has been the object of security scares and is frequently evacuated.

    The Eiffel Tower says that the bulk of the work, which also includes extensive landscaping of the surrounding gardens, will be completed before Bastille Day celebrations on July 14 which traditionally include a large firework display at the monument.

    It will be coupled with an expanded online ticketing system to cut down queuing time.

    The project will cost 35 million dollars and should be entirely finished by September.

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