The most anticipated event of the last four years for fans around the world –2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will be underway from June 14 to July 15,2018.

Uzbekistan, with its million army of fans is looking forward for the day it begins, as the football is the most popular sport in the country. Unfortunately, not everyone will have a happy chance to follow the matches of the championship directly from the stadiums, and most of the fans, of course, are preparing to "cheer" for their favorite teams and beautiful football on TV. 

News Agency "UzReport" owns the exclusive license rights to broadcast matches and other accompanying programs of the 2018 FIFA World Cup on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV channels are set to cover all matches of the upcoming championship on the air and in high definition. The championship will comprise 64 matches, including: 48 matches of the group stage and 16 matches of the play-off stage.

An additional advantage of watching football matches on the air of UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV will be the simultaneous work of a group of commentators in Uzbek and Russian languages and a bilingual audio track, which allows viewers to choose the language of commenting on their own. And as another pleasant surprise, viewers will meet with the stars of the Russian sports review: Denis Kazansky and Alexander Yelagin who will arrive in Tashkent to comment on the matches jointly with sports commentators of UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV.

In addition to live broadcasts of matches, viewers of both TV channels at the end of each match day will be able to see a kind of diary of the tournament - the "Highlights" show. It will bring together the most vivid and exciting moments of the past games, information about the players and coaches of the national teams, as well as records and interesting facts about 2018 FIFA.

On the eve of the championship, UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV have already launched the broadcast of fascinating documentary comprised of 16 series: "Mundial sari yo'l"(The road to the World Cup). The film tells about how each national team has prepared for the championship, what difficulties and challenges players and coaches had to overcome in the process of this preparation. Its show will last until July 13 and will be a real gift for all lovers of the great game. 

The general sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup broadcasts on the channels UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV is JV LLC "Coca-Cola Ichimligi Uzbekistan, Ltd".

Additional reference: To cover the news about the championship online, the website of the News Agency "UzReport" ( has launched a new section – FIFA2018, where anyone can find full information about the course of the championship. News of "UzReport" are also available on Facebookand Telegram.

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Watch FIFA-2018 live on UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV channels!

UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV channels are set to cover all matches of the upcoming championship on the air and in high definition.