Uzbek government to channel $1.2 billion to modernize national electricity and gas grid

The Uzbekistan government will channel $ 1.2 billion to modernize national electricity and gas grid. ‘The effectiveness can be ensured not only just by installing meters, but an integral online system, covering each link, from producers to end-users must be created’,  President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said during the special video conference, dedicated to automated control and metering of electricity and natural gas.

The essential utilities, consumed by everyone and every organization, gas and electricity infrastructure have not been modernized for many years. The urgent need to optimize the grids requires an introduction of automated systems.

In 7 districts and cities where an automated system for monitoring and metering electricity was introduced, utility payments have increased by 40 percent, and accounts receivables have declined by 20 percent. Plans are underway to introduce this system in all regions of the country.

Widespread meter installations, service centers and uninterrupted operation of whole system were highlighted during the video conference. Currently, there are 4 million electricity meters have been installed nationwide, half these equipment are not yet connected to the unified system. Also, a target has been set to install 3.5 electricity meters and the automated system will be launched by March 1, 2021. "Khududgastaminot" JSC, the national gas supplier, is commissioned to install 1.2 million gas meters by the end of the year, another 2.3 million by mid-summer, 2021.

Meanwhile, 22 districts and cities with a high level of natural gas consumption will be covered in the next 4 months. More than 4 thousand large consumers, gas filling points and gas production enterprises, as well as 850 greenhouses, will be connected to the single automated system.

The Ministry of Energy will coordinate and control the delivery, installation and connection of devices in districts and cities. For the effective operation systems, workshop and training opportunities for technical personnel as well as IT specialists of "Hududiy Elektr Tarmoqlari" and "Hududgastaminot" JSC will be set regularly.     

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