Uzbekistan to study Hungary’s experience in construction of nuclear power plant

Uzbekistan’s Energy Ministry and the Uzatom Agency have reached an agreement with the Hungarian delegation on sending Uzbek specialists to the construction sites of the PAKS-2 nuclear power plant NPP.

The parties came to a mutual opinion that detailed monitoring of the work at the NPP in Hungary would be very useful for Uzbek specialists.

Hungarian delegates said that nuclear power was satisfying most of the demand for electricity in the country.

"Hungary has initiated a project for the construction of the PAKS-2 NPP, the design is carried out by Russia, power units are based on VVER-1200 reactors. The launch of the first unit is scheduled for 2030, which will ensure the continuity of electricity generation," they added.

The NPP in the Jizzakh region is also to be built using Russian technologies.

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