World Cup 2018 legal broadcast in restaurants and bars of Uzbekistan

UzReport news agency (UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV channels) and the Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Uzbekistan invite all institutions of the restaurant business to the partnership program for the broadcast of matches of the FIFA-2018 FIFA World Cup.

To participate in the affiliate program, restaurants and bars need to conclude an agreement with the agency. The sum of the agreement is 1 million soums. Within the framework of cooperation, the agency offers the following conditions for cooperation:

- The right to legal broadcast of matches and accompanying programs (on the air UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV) on the screens of the institution for the organization of display to visitors;

- Information support from the UZREPORT TV channel, including: a scrolling line with the name of the institution in which the broadcast of matches will be conducted;

- PR-promotion by mentioning the name of the institution in advertising announcements on the pages of TV channels in social networks.

Also worth emphasizing the benefits of broadcasting UZREPORT TV and FUTBOL TV: it's a bilingual sound track and the ability to broadcast matches in both Uzbek and Russian. As a pleasant surprise TV channel UZREPORT TV invited famous sports reviewers - Denis Kazansky, Alexander Elagin and Dmitry Mostovoy for commenting on the 2018 World Cup.

"On behalf of the Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Uzbekistan, we thank the information agency UzReport for providing the opportunity for a legal broadcast of the FIFA-2018 FIFA World Cup matches.

As restaurateurs, we derive great benefits from this partnership,  1 million soums is a symbolic sum for us and for UzReport. In return, we have the opportunity to promote civilized relations in the field of law on sports broadcasts in Uzbekistan, "said Timur Musin, chairman of the Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Uzbekistan.

We invite all representatives of cafes, restaurants, sports bars and other institutions of the HoReCa sphere to cooperate within the framework of the partner program!

Interested institutions can apply with the application by telephone: + (99893) 590-99-99. For technical questions (for example, tuning the sound track), you can consult by phone: + (99899) 898-33-15.

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