Uzbekistan plans to enter leading chess powers by 2025

Uzbekistan aims to enter leading chess powers by 2025, according to a decree signed by the country`s president Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The document focuses on improving the system of selection of highly gifted young chess players, popularizing chess among children and adults, and creating children's and youth chess schools. Modern techniques are set to be introduced into the training of professional chess players, as well as incentives in the form of cash prizes for tournament winners, coaches and judges.

Particular attention will be paid to players with disabilities. A separate chess division will be created in the structure of the National Paralympic Association.

"Starting from the next academic year, 150 schools will introduce chess training. These schools will specialize exclusively in chess. Just like some schools specialize in math or English. We will spend over $700,000 for these schools to buy the necessary equipment so that children do not need anything," said Aziz Abdukhakimov, Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, head of the newly established Republican Council for the Accelerated Development of Chess.

"Another 1,000 ordinary schools will introduce chess training on a competitive basis. The best, most talented guys will be selected. We will allocate around $100,00 for this purpose. And most importantly, a revolutionary solution: chess will be introduced into the subject "Physical Culture". There is no such system anywhere in the world, in fact, we will create a new chess generation. For this purpose, some $2mn will be allocated from the state budget, " he added.

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