Vladimir Chikin: My dream is to capture Uzbek ballet in my photos

Vladimir Chikin - the author and organizer of a number of artistic and photographic projects with the participation of representatives of culture, has long been engaged in a dialogue with Uzbekistan on conducting interesting joint cultural projects. From his words, one of such projects is at the stage of completion. It will be demonstrated in ‘D.E.V.E’ gallery, located in the famous Belgian town of Brugge, the capital of Flanders.

According to Belgian photographer, he intends to implement several projects in Uzbekistan. At the same time, he stressed that he wants to realize an old dream - to capture Uzbek ballet in his photographs.

‘The reason is, first, the Uzbek ballet is one of the leading in the region. Secondly, I have a long-standing positive relationship with Uzbekistan and many friends in your country. In fact, this is the land of my dreams, where I have never been, I want to get there. I am sure that I will definitely come to your country and show the whole world Uzbekistan and its elegant.’

‘Then, we will organize exhibitions of young Uzbek artists. Belgians are very fond of this genre, and highly appreciate how foreign artists perceive their country.’

In the future, exactly the same trip can be organized for Belgian artists who will create their own pictures about Uzbekistan, directly being in your country. This, in turn, will allow us to hold joint exhibitions of Uzbek and Belgian artists, both in Belgium and in Uzbekistan, "said V. Chikin.

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