China Launches Express Cargo Route to Uzbekistan

China has initiated a new cargo transportation route to Uzbekistan from Qingdao, aiming to expedite the movement of goods to the republic from Yellow Sea ports. The Ministry of Transport, in collaboration with the Union of International Road Carriers and PRC government agencies, has organized the road freight corridor.

This route, accessible to carriers with a TIR Carnet document, commences in Qingdao, traverses China from east to west to Khorgos, and then proceeds through Kazakhstan. The Ministry of Transport assures support for carriers, encompassing visa issuance for truckers, provision of international permit forms, and resolution of customs control issues.

Starting January, Zhengzhou Hongyi Transportation has initiated road freight transportation from Shenzhen through Kyrgyzstan to Tashkent, reducing travel time from 20 to 7 days, as reported by the company. Additionally, state-owned company Temiryulkargo, part of Uzbekistan Railways, is expanding transportation from China. It recently agreed to organize container transportation with Shandong Port Logistics Group and signed a memorandum with Jiayou International.

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