Uzbekistan Railways unveils route of new Afrosiab high-speed train

The new high-speed train Afrosiab will run on the route Bukhara-Khiva, the press service of Uzbekistan Railways has reported.

The train arrived in Tashkent on July 24 from the Spanish city of Bilbao, and an official presentation ceremony was held on July 30.

According to the organization, the new train will begin transporting passengers to Khiva after the completion of the electrification of the railway.

Along with this, the company announced an increase in the number of seats. This, as expected, would contribute to the fight against the shortage of railway tickets.

The high-speed train consists of 2 head locomotives and 11 cars, including 1-bistro, 2 – VIP class, 2-business class and 6-economy class.

Afrosiab can reach a speed of up to 230 km//h (the maximum speed according to the technical characteristics is 250 km/h), covering the distance from Tashkent to Samarkand in 2 hours 08 minutes, to Bukhara-3 hours 51 minutes and to Karshi-3 hours 21 minutes.

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