The 22nd session of Council of Regional anti-terror structure of SCO hosted in Tashkent

On March 29, 2013, in Tashkent hosted the 22-nd session of The Council of Regional Anti-terror Structure of Shanghai cooperation organization (RATS-SCO).

The representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan, People’s Republic of China, The Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Russia Federation, The Republic of Tajikistan and The Republic of Uzbekistan participated  in it, has been said in the informational report of the held activity.

By the Council of RATS SCO were approved Cooperative measures of competent bodies of member-countries of SCO on resistance against recruitment into the terroristic and extremistic organizations of people serving sentences in SCO member–countries.

With a view to advance work for coordination and interaction of the competent bodies in member-countries SCO, in the sphere of fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism, have been approved the resolutions on Unified registers by the Council of RATS SCO: measures on resistance against terrorism, separatism and extremism; normative legislative acts, teaching material and special literature in the sphere of resistance against terrorism; accounting explosive devices, weapons, ammunition, toxic and other substances used by terrorist organizations.

Plans of experts’ work on the boundary matters, the coordination of cooperative resistance against international terrorist organizations have been approved.

Targeting to strengthen the international cooperation in the sphere of the fight against terrorism, the project Protocol between RATS SCO and ATS CIS about organization of the interaction in the sphere of providing the safety of the largest international activities held on the SCO and CIS countries has been approved.

Decided to organize an international conference on strengthening cooperation in the field of information security.

The project of the report of the Council RATS SCO to the Council of the heads of the member-countries about the activity of RATS SCO in 2012 was approved, has been listened the report of the director of Execution committee RATS SCO, Chjan Sinfen about the results of the implementation of the Program of cooperation of the member-countries of SCO against terrorism, separatism and extremism for 2010-2012 years, and solutions of the Council of RATS SCO.

The activity of the Executing Committee for the past period was marked positively.

For personal contribution to the development of the activity of the RATS SCO and strengthening the interaction among competent bodies of member-countries of SCO, the letter of award was given to the number of employees of competent bodies and the Executive committee of the RATS SCO.

Decisions on matters of the organizational, personnel and financial providing of the activity of the Executing Committee of the RATS SCO have been made.

An agreement for holding the next session of the Council of the RATS SCO on September 20, 2013, in the territory of Russian Federation has been reached.

The ceremony of inauguration of the newly appointed director of the Executing Committee of the RATS SCO Chjan Sifen has been held. In the work of the session, General director SCO D.Mezentsev, Deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan E. Aripov, ambassadors of member-countries SCO in the Republic of Uzbekistan took part. The Council session went on the business, constructive and friendly atmosphere.

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