Uzbekistan to hold final exams in universities online

Even the number of new infection cases is going down, the virus still poses a big threat to the world. With this in mind, the organization of final and entrance exams at universities and colleges requires serious attention from the government. These and other issues were on agenda of a regular meeting chaired by Uzbek president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Mirziyoyev ordered to make the submission of documents remote, via the Internet. Initially, the government had been planning to hold entrance exams in 5 subjects. But, due to the quarantine, opportunities have become limited.

Responsible persons have been instructed to ensure the organization of entrance exams in the current year in a simplified form.

Currently, there are four Presidential and nine creative schools in Uzbekistan. This year, it is planned to commission 5 more Presidential and 2 creative schools.

One of the strictest requirements of the pandemic is to keep social distancing rules. To this end, the standards for capacity at educational institutions, especially at schools should be revised.

Teaching loads and programs should be reviewed based on the situation.

According to Mirziyoyev, the universities must independently determine work plans and programs based on the demand in the labour market and the requests of employers.

He also pointed out the importance of improving the professional level of teachers.

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