Uzbek government approves a program of social, industrial infrastructure development for 2022-2024

The decree of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev approved the program for the development of the social and industrial infrastructure of Uzbekistan for 2022-2024.

One of the points included in the document is a ban on the construction and reconstruction of administrative buildings of ministries, departments, and local administrations. It also introduces a ban on sending funds to cover borrowed funds raised from domestic sources, foreign loans, and interest payments accrued on them, as well as on the allocation of loans for the construction of facilities.

It is planned to launch a number of social and industrial facilities, including:

- higher educational institutions with 54230 educational and 8358 beds;

- general education, creative and specialized schools with 259,101 seats and 248 sports halls;

- preschool educational institutions for 88,310 places;

- medical facilities with 24213 beds.

In total, 76,881 billion soums will be allocated under the program for social and industrial infrastructure development in 2022-2024. The Republican Commission will coordinate the activities of ministries, departments, business associations, and local governments participating in the program.

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