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The best young fencers of the world from 2 to 10 April this year have gathered in Dubai to compete in the Fencing world champion among juniors and cadets. The second day of the competition was a historic date for Uzbek sports, the Olympic Committee said.

Sabre fencer Zukhriddin Kadyrov has snatched a gold medal, becoming the first fencer in the history of Uzbekistan to win the world title.

In the junior category, our sportsman, who competed in sabre, defeated the fencers from Canada, Egypt, Hungary, the USA, and in the final overcame the German athlete. In the decisive meeting, Kadyrov defeated Colin Hathcock with a score of 15:13.

Today, during the competition, Samira Shokirova and Muso Aitmurodov reached the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, they remained one step away from the awards of the world championship.

By the way, more than a thousand young masters of rapier, sabre and sword take part in the championship. The competition program includes individual and team competitions for juniors, as well as individual tournaments for cadets in all three types of weapons.

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