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Uzbekistan increases food security measures

The Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan has commented on the temporary export ban imposed by Russia on grain and sugar and measures that have been taken to ensure an uninterrupted supply of staple foods as well as their sharp price fluctuations.

Grain and flour

According to the Ministry, 1 million 27 thousand hectares of land in the country have been given to wheat in 2022 for the stable supply of wheat and flour products that will help to provide 7 million 679 thousand tons of harvest.

In 2021, the country could harvest 6 million 656 thousand tons of wheat, of which 2 million 533 thousand tons as a republican reserve were placed at the regional enterprises of Uzdonmakhsulot, and 4 million 123 thousand tons remained at the disposal of farmers and the population.

By the end of 2021, the private sector imported 2 million 771 thousand tons of wheat and 357.7 thousand tons of flour, mainly from Kazakhstan. 26.8 thousand tons of wheat (94% to Tajikistan and 6% to Kyrgyzstan) and 949.1 thousand tons of flour (at the expense of 1 million 265 thousand tons of wheat) were exported to Afghanistan.


In order to guarantee the provision of sugar products to the population, 600 thousand tons of products are planned to be produced in the country in 2022. In 2021, the sugar factories "Angren Shakar" and "Khorezm Shakar" produced 595.5 thousand tons of sugar (+315.1%). These enterprises sold at least 30 thousand tons of sugar per month on the commodity exchange in 2021 and January-February 2022.

By the end of last year, 23 thousand tons of sugar were imported from Brazil (344 thousand tons less than a year earlier) and 620 thousand tons of raw sugar (423 thousand tons more). At the same time, 25 tons of sugar were exported to Afghanistan.

"The temporary restrictions imposed by the Russian Federation will not affect the volumes of these consumer products in the country," the Ministry of Agriculture said.

The Presidential Decree (PP-3818) provides for the introduction of a customs duty rate of 20% of the value of white sugar and 20% excise tax when importing sugar.

In March-May 2022, another 180 thousand tons of raw materials will be received from suppliers. In addition, in June-October it is planned to purchase another 200 thousand tons of raw sugar.

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