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Uzbekistan joins EU’S GSP+ arrangement

Uzbekistan has gained privileges for duty-free exports to the EU through GSP Plus scheme. It comes into force on April 10, the Ministry of Investment and Trade reported.

Accession to the GSP+ grants Uzbekistan the opportunity to export more than 6,200 commodity items to the EU countries duty-free. It also reflects the recognition of reforms undertaken by the government, in particular to improve the business climate, the judicial system, security services, labour conditions, and administrative accountability and efficiency. It also testifies to consistent positive development in the socio-economic and labour sphere.

Under the standard GSP system, the country could export only 3,000 commodity items free of customs duties and 3,200 commodity items at reduced rates.

The inclusion in the list of beneficiary countries is set to allow Uzbekistan to significantly increase the volume of export supplies to the EU, as well as to improve the competitiveness of domestic goods in the European market.

GSP+ is more than a trading instrument. By joining this scheme, low- and low-middle-income countries are committed to effectively implementing 27 core international conventions on human and labor rights, environmental and climate protection, and good governance.

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