Uzbek boxer Melikuziev suspended from fights for 4 years as his doping test proves positive

According to the official notification of the International Boxing Federation (AIBA), which was addressed to the National Anti-Doping Agency of Uzbekistan, boxer Bektemir Melikuziev was disqualified from fighting for a period of four years.

The athlete will now not be able to participate in all sports competitions until February 15, 2024.

All medals and rating points of the boxer that he received since February 16, 2020 are canceled. At the same time, Melikuziev's performance in professional boxing will depend on the decision of the relevant international professional boxing organization.

Initially, the doping test, which was taken from Bektemir, revealed the banned substance "Furosemide". Because of it, he was disqualified for a period of two years, from February 28, 2018 to February 27, 2020. The athlete's subsequent violation of the anti-doping rules occurred during the first set penalty period, that is, on September 30, 2019.

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